Contactless banking is now available to Nova Banka customers

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, June 22, 2021

A joint effort by Pri-Num and Mastercard has brought contactless payments to Nova Banka customers in Herzegovina and Bosnia. Now, anyone with a Mastercard and a phone with the Smart Nova app has access to a digital wallet.

This step towards more convenient banking was accomplished through Pri-Num’s NFC Issuer wallet solution on the Digital Enablement Platform™.

This platform is a cloud-based software that provides secure, contactless mobile services, including a virtual wallet and rewards system. Compatible with both Visa and Mastercard, it enables secure, digital-ready banking services.

For bank customers, this means that there is no longer any need to stand in queues or look for points where only cash or physical card payments are accepted. Now you only need a phone, an application, and a Mastercard.

More and more banks are striving to create convenient, modern options for their customers. This partnership proves that Pri-Num can simplify the transition from physical to cloud-based, contact-free banking.

“We consider this model to be the future for banking and we are proud to be a key part in bringing it to the masses ” — Anastasia Zimina, COO.

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