VTS powered Blom Pay App

Pri-Num's first VTS app for Lebanon and the Middle East.

Our Customer

Lebanon-based BLOM Bank was founded in 1951. It has frequently been named as the Best Bank in Lebanon by Euromoney and The Banker. BLOM Bank operates in the following 12 countries currently: Lebanon, Jordon, UAE, France, UK, Switzerland, Romania, Cyprus, Egypt, Qatar, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. The bank’s global operations are conducted through a web of banking and financial units either directly or through its subsidiaries. BLOM Bank employes over 1019 people across all of its locations with over USD $821 million in sales. There are 58 companies under the bank’s corporate umbrella.

The vision

BLOM Bank wanted to offer customers an innovative mobile payments solution, enabling them to use the eBLOM mobile banking app to make fast, easy and secure payments with their smartphones.

What we proposed

Pri-Num proposed the BLOM PAY service that enables all BLOM Visa debit and credit cardholders to make payments securely and seamlessly with the eBLOM app for Android smartphones. We presented an innovative solution to a technical challenge whereby payment capabilities were integrated into an existing mobile app.

How it worked

The solution is based on an application that can be downloaded to a smartphone/tablet, which makes it possible to accept contactless payments without using any external equipment, such as a cash register or terminal.

All that a merchant needs is a smartphone/tablet with NFC-module and mobile application that can be installed for from Google PlayMarket.
The technology accepts all types of EMV-based contactless cards, digital wallets and wearables.
Mobile POS meets the highest security standards; no clear data is stored or transmitted during the transaction process

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Card networks’ support

Pri-Num is leading innovation in the mobile payments industry through the expansion of Visa Ready contactless payments and secure cloud-payment solutions. Our experience and expertise has earned us the trust of major banks, telecommunications giants, major businesses that require a flexible and powerful solution for digital payments. Our mobile payments solutions enable banks and other companies in the payment processing eco-system to offer secure contactless payment services both remotely and at POS terminals through their apps.

The results

BLOM Bank faced a technical challenge in offering a contactless payment option through its existing mobile app. With Pri-Num’s assistance, the bank no longer had to consider launching a separate app for this functionality. Pri-Num’s VTS solution, BLOM PAY, made it possible for the bank’s customers to make contactless payments using the mobile banking app that they were already familiar with.

Working with Pri-Num

It’s an exciting day for our clients and partners as Pri-Num continues to sculpt the innovative landscape in FinTech. As we redefine the next-generation of banking, it has been an honour for our teams in London and Ukraine to work closely in conjunction with Blom and Visa.

Artem Manoylo, CTO