Digital Enablement Platform

Pri-Num’s Digital Enablement Platform is a cloud-hosted wallet and digital issuance platform that empowers banks, mobile operators, retailers, and transport companies to deliver secure contactless payments.

Our robust Digital Enablement Platform also helps you provide your customers value-added services, including loyalty programs, ticketing, identification cards, and more. Digital Enablement Platform’s token-based solution supports mobile wallet application services and complies with EMVCo, the strictest global security specifications used by the finance industry.
Pri-Num’s Digital Enablement Platform offers a range of out-of-the-box services and functionalities combined with a wide range of custom configuration and expansion possibilities, including mobile contactless payments, P2P payments digital wallets, virtual prepaid cards, and loyalty accounts.

Pri-Num’s Digital Enablement Platform helps banks, retailers, mobile operators, and other customer-facing companies with customer retention and deepens their relationships with patrons thanks to an enhanced user experience. Our solution enables providers of credential-based services to rapidly implement a secure digital wallet solution, providing the ability to issue, store and manage credentials electronically. Providers are then able to deliver a range of services based on these credentials, including contactless mobile transactions, account access and management, authentication, and access control.

Adaptable solutions that can quickly adjust to changes in the market will be vital to businesses’ success as technology continues to quickly shift. The foundation of Pri-Num’s Digital Enablement Platform is a powerful yet flexible solution that can provide a variety of features and adapt to the wallet’s intended use, such as retail, transportation, entertainment, sports, finance, payments, or mobile operators.

Pri-Num Digital Enablement Platform enables our customers to develop a complete digital payment service that is already connected to the main TSPs internationally, including MDES, VTS, UnionPay. Our platform has been deployed by a wide variety of companies offering NFC issuer wallets, consumer QR codes, and other solutions for business and lifestyle domains.

Digital payment for issuers

Our Digital Enablement Platform can be white-labeled to companies throughout the payment processing ecosystem – banks, card issuers, payment processors, and retailers – providing the ability to issue digital payment credentials and secure mobile contactless payments, both at the point of sale and remotely. Services may include contactless payments using payment cards, card issuance or credentials, and offering remote payments, including peer-to-peer transactions.

Pri-Num’s Digital Enablement Platform enables debit, credit, and prepaid card issuers to build a digital payment service based on tokenization and Host Card Emulation (HCE) technology. Our cloud-based solution is connected to major TSPs — Mastercard MDES, Visa VTS, and UPI UnionPay — and can offer you all the features you need for your digital project.

Via a simple set of unified APIs, the Pri-Num Digital Enablement Platform allows issuers to easily launch digital payment solutions and to maintain lifecycle management messages from scheme TSPs in a unified and simplified manner.

Digital Retail

Pri-Num Digital Enablement Platform helps you offer customers a means to manage their loyalty credentials and access a range of benefits connected to those credentials. Services and benefits may include loyalty cards, coupons, order delivery updates, reminders, receipts, warranties, gift cards, and notifications.

Our Digital Enablement Platform also helps you with consumer-presented QR Codes, enabling customers to use their smartphones to generate their own QR code as a form of payment. This solution expands digital wallet capabilities with an additional payment option and provides a new method of communication for transmitting card details to the point-of-sale terminal. It also uses existing payment credentials on the customers’ devices for authentication.

Digital Transport
Pri-Num’s Digital Enablement Platform is a powerful solution for transport operators, enabling them to offer users an efficient means of paying for and gaining access to transport networks as well as a variety of related location- and context-based information. Our services include authentication, access control, proximity payments, parking, and more.

Digital Sport and Entertainment

Our Digital Enablement Platform helps entertainment and sports operators to provide event-goers, fans, and members even credentials such as membership cards, tickets, and passes as well as a range of benefits and context-relevant information. Services include authentication, access control, proximity payments, ticket storage, loyalty, and member services.