Pri-Num ITS Platfom

Pri-Num ITS enables your business to easily tokenize and provision your card portfolio into third-party wallets, unify token lifecycle management, and simplify your operations.

Pri-Num’s NFC wallet solution — Pri-Num ITS — allows your consumers to use their cards with leading third-party wallets like Google Pay® and Samsung Pay® and via embedded secure elements like Apple Pay®.

The ITS solution supports Visa Outbound APIs that include Approval Provisioning, Device Token Binding APIs, and Visa Inbound APIs. Visa Inbound APIs are used by Pri-Num Wallet Customer Management Service, a back-office web system for Token LCM operations, and by the Solution for Card LCM-related operations. Pri-Num ITS also implements Mastercard Pre-Digitization APIs and Mastercard Customer Service APIs.

Pri-Num ITS includes Wallet Customer Management Service, a back-office system with Web UI whose main functionality provides an interface for token lifecycle operations and to view the audit data. WCMS is not a standalone web application but rather a web-based service that is part of the Pri-Num ITS Platform.

​The Wallet Customer Management Service (WCMS) is designed for the simple, efficient management of digital wallet services. WCMS may be used by customer service representatives to assist in resolving queries or problems that digital services customers might encounter while using digital wallets.

It allows authorized users to perform various operations within the customer database, including:

Pri-Num ITS includes modules and necessary APIs for issuers to launch OEM payments and have their cards portfolio tokenized and provisioned into 3rd party wallets. This includes:
  1. Proximity wallet solutions that support near-field communication (NFC) payments using host card emulation (e.g., issuer branded wallet, Google Pay, Samsung Pay) and embedded Secure Element (Apple Pay).
  2. Solutions that facilitate tokenization of e-commerce transactions.
  3. Merchant card-on-file transactions.
In this configuration, Pri-Num acts as an Issuer-Token Service Provider (TSP), which is a third-party business entity that provides solutions under and subject to the payment schemes’ TSP programs.

Issuer-TSPs are connected to VTS, MDES, and other network TSPs. They provide solutions for issuer host systems to process messages that support provisioning, cardholder identification and verification (ID&V), token lifecycle management, and VTS/MDES system notifications that originate from participating token requestors.

Pri-Num’s ITS Platform integrates with Visa, Mastercard, and UnionPay token services to provision and manage digital credentials on mobile wallets and other payment solutions offered by third parties.

Benefits of Pri-Num ITS
For customers:
  • Digital wallets help you capture more consumers that have shifted to a mobile-first mentality and expect more convenient payment methods;
  • Pri-Num ITS helps your business appeal to younger, affluent demographics that expect a variety of mobile payment options.
For issuers:
  • Pri-Num ITS increases the total every day spend for users who regularly use mobile devices for payments;
  • Our solution easily integrates with mobile-based offerings and a variety of loyalty programs;
  • Pri-Num ITS also provides timely responses to customer service needs.
For merchants:
  • Pri-Num ITS offers contactless payments that increase the speed of payment at the point of sale;
  • Our solution also offers customers more convenience to make mobile payments on the go.