NFC Issuer wallets

At Pri-Num, we’re proud to be a leader in tokenization and digital enablement.

Pri-Num’s digital wallet technologies provide comprehensive solutions to companies throughout the payment processing ecosystem, including card issuers, payment processors, and retailers.

We build proprietary mobile applications that enable your customers to easily use their mobile devices to make a contactless payment. We also white-label our mobile SDK and offer customizable applications that can be operated as a SaaS product or privately hosted.

Our white-label wallet application is a quick-to-market option for banks, issuers, telecommunication, and financial companies to provide their clients access to the simplicity and efficiency of digital payments.

Not only do our solutions offer customers bank-grade security, but they also integrate directly with a variety of loyalty and marketing platforms to simplify your business operations. As more people embrace digital payment solutions, merchants that offer our powerful NFC wallet solution will be poised to capitalize on the growing trend.

Pri-Num Issuer Wallet Features:
Modern functionality

We offer features expected of today’s digital wallets, including contactless payments, transaction history, and integrations with a variety of loyalty and marketing platforms.

Pri-Num Issuer Wallet Features:
Partner certified

We provide standard QR code specification across major payment networks, including Visa, Mastercard, Amex. In other words, merchants need only one QR code for these payment networks.

Robust and secure management

Our digital wallet securely issues, stores, accesses and manages multiple digital credentials, including payment cards, ID cards, loyalty cards, transport passes, tickets, and more.

Cost and time savings

Our pre-certified SDK and white-label applications are ready for your business now and can be customized to fit your brand.

Simple, powerful integrations

Our solution can be expanded to multiple services and features through apps, integrations, and wearables. It also offers simple integrations with any third-party provider and is compatible with your existing payment infrastructure.

Environmental sustainability

You may now issue fully digital cards to reduce costs and your carbon footprint

Increased customer flow

Merchants report that contactless payments increase the speed of payment at the point-of-sale, thereby improving the flow of customer traffic.

Mobile Host Card Emulation can:
  • Reduce the complexity of NFC deployment as Mobile Network Operators and Trusted Security Managers are not required;
  • Be added to all NFC-enabled devices with the Android 4.4 operating system (or newer);
  • Provide issuers with control and flexibility over the payment chain;
  • Offer opportunities to enrich the existing issuer app with payment functionality;
  • Enable the issuer to digitize cards for use in their own mobile apps;
  • Provide a mobile payment SDK that supports multiple payment schemes through one integration;
  • Enhance customer experience through instant card issuing, enabling consumers to tap and pay immediately and then see real-time transaction details using their mobile phone.
Implementation Steps
1. Select a cloud-based NFC payment application option: SDK or a customized white-label app.

The MPA (Mobile Payment Application) is the component of the Pri-Num NFC Issuer Wallet Solution for HCE (Host Card Emulation)-based payments, which resides in the mobile device.

2. Connect your NFC issuer wallet to a digitization service

To offer an NFC issuer wallet to consumers, issuers need to connect the NFC issuer wallet to VTS, MDES, and UPI. Payment systems will manage the digitization process of the consumer PAN (Primary Account Number) and send the digital credentials to the NFC issuer wallet.

3. Enable your card portfolio for digitization

Issuers that want to offer digital payments to consumers must enable their card portfolio for digitization, connecting their systems to VTS, MDES and UPI using the Pri-Num unified APIs. This instant and mobile-banking experience is becoming the new normal for consumers, creating a market standard for issuers around the world.

Now, issuers have a unique opportunity to digitize cards, and enrich and secure their applications with an NFC payment application. This offering is a key part of card issuers’ digital strategy and is crucial for their relationship with customers.
Our solution transforms your application into a secure NFC mobile payment solution:
  • We offer a white-label mobile SDK or customizable white-label application for fast, easy integration;
  • Pri-Num provides instant card digitization that can be in-app and is performed through the Pri-Num DEP cloud platform that’s directly connected to tokenization schemes.
  • Pri-Num offers multi-card network certifications, including Visa VTS, Mastercard MDES, and UnionPay UPI
  • Issuers can now issue cards directly to mobile apps for immediate use without having to wait for a physical card.