NFC wallets on devices - OEM pays

Original equipment manufacturer wallets are an increasingly important part of today’s payments ecosystem.

That’s why Pri-Num’s NFC wallet solution — Pri-Num ITS — allows your consumers to use their cards with leading third-party wallets like Google Pay® and Samsung Pay® and via embedded secure elements like Apple Pay®.

With Pri-Num ITS, your business can easily have your card portfolio tokenized and provisioned into these third-party wallets, unify token lifecycle management, and simplify your operations. Via our Issuer-TSP API connection, our customers can effortlessly access the I-TSP services of Visa VTS and Mastercard MDES, and other network TSPs. Our solutions facilitate the tokenization of e-commerce transactions when a card isn’t present, as well as merchant’s card-on-file transactions.

Our powerful technology also provides solutions for issuer host systems to facilitate the processing of messages that support provisioning, cardholder identification and verification (ID&V), token lifecycle management, and VTS/MDES/Union Pay system notifications that originate from participating token requestors. The Pri-Num ITS solution provides centralized and verified APIs for issuers to onboard a variety of tokenization schemes and popular OEM wallets that are becoming expected methods of payments around the world.

Benefits of Pri-Num ITS
For customers:
  • Digital wallets help you capture more consumers that have shifted to a mobile-first mentality and expect more convenient payment methods;
  • Pri-Num ITS helps your business appeal to younger, affluent demographics that expect a variety of mobile payment options.
For issuers:
  • Pri-Num ITS increases the total every day spend for users who regularly use mobile devices for payments;
  • Our solution easily integrates with mobile-based offerings and a variety of loyalty programs;
  • Pri-Num ITS also provides timely responses to customer service needs.
For merchants:
  • Pri-Num ITS offers contactless payments that increase the speed of payment at the point of sale;
  • Our solution also offers customers more convenience to make mobile payments on the go.