R2-42 - Tap to/on phone

Growing a business is complicated enough. Accepting payments from your customers shouldn’t create an entirely new set of challenges.

That’s why we created R2-42, a tap to/on phone solution that makes it easier for individual entrepreneurs, small businesses, and large enterprises to accept payments on the go, wherever they need to conduct business.

With R2-42 technology, Pri-Num clients can transform nearly any Android phone into a powerful point-of-sale system that’s mobile and requires no additional hardware.

After downloading the R2-42 app to your smartphone with NFC, you can accept all types of payments from contactless cards and digital wallets. That includes credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and wearables.

This game-changing technology for banks, payment system providers, and financial companies can be custom-built to fit our partners’ needs as well as embedded within customers’ existing solutions. Our SDK can also provide your business with powerful tools to enable contactless payment acceptance and accomplish your goals.

Our tap to/on phone tech also helps customers more easily understand their operations and grow their business. With our solution, you can easily manage a product catalog, improve customer loyalty with coupons and rewards, and integrate with other point-of-sale software for a seamless user experience.

Our sales reporting dashboards are accessible via mobile and web applications, providing you insights that can reveal opportunities for growth and improvement. Pri-Num’s R2-42 solution also offers software integrations that simplify reporting, invoicing, and inventory.

We created R2-42 with simplicity and security in mind. After a quick setup, R2-42 provides a safe, secure solution that helps businesses reduce operating costs while also enhancing customers’ experiences. We’re confident that R2-42 will transform your entire point-of-sale system — and help you wherever you need to do business.